Alaina Morgans First Time

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Alaina Morgans First Time

I cant tell you how old I was, but I can tell you how amazing it was...

I had just finished watching some random movie on HBO with my boyfriend at the time, Josh Baker. I was about to go to bed and he gently kissed me goodnight,which naturally led to a sexy make-out session. We began to feel each other up as he ran his hand up my shirt. He caressed my brests and rubbed my tender nipples.

I ran my hand down his muscular body towards his crotch. I knew where this was heading - sex. I had never "done it" before, so I didnt know how to start, so I went with my instincts.I unzipped his pants and slid my hand into his boxers. I felt his cock, realizing it was rock hard. I was shocked I was actually going to have sex.

My virgin pussy seemed to be on fire. Josh took his hands away from my brests and slid them down into my panties, feeling... exploring.

He soon slipped one finger into my pussy. We were still kissing as I gave him a hand job. HE massaged my clit and made me moan. I pulled away from our kiss and threw my head back against the bed, moaning.

This turned him on. He slid another finger into my /hole/tight-hole/">tight hole and moved them around slightly. I couldnt believe how amazing it felt. I pressed my body into his hand as he penetrated deeper into my pussy. Soon her had three, four fingers in. I gasped for air and screamed out of pleasure.
He knew just how to pleasure me. "Alaina, lay flat on your back," he said. "Spread your legs."

He grabbed each of my smooth thighs and helped me spread my legs. He slowly put his cock into my pussy and pulled back out. Slowly. In and out.
I put my arms around him to his ass and squeezed. white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie I moaned again, louder and more constantly.
He started ramming harder and faster. "Oh yes," I screamed. "Harder, oh Josh! Oh, Josh!"

I could feel his cock hardening beyond what it was in my pussy. He continued stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv to screw me until he exploded in my pussy.
"Oh yeah," he said with a sigh. "Youre fucking tight," he said.
I nodded as he lied beside me. "Oh my God," I said.

He mounted me again and fucked me harder. I couldnt believe how amazing it felt.
After that night I began to masturbate regularly and Josh would come over almost ever other night.

Sex is amazing, and you can never beat your /first-time/">first time.