The Furnace Man Part 2

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The Furnace Man Part 2

Well, going upstairs was not going to happen, being that he was on a tight schedule we were just going to have to finish what we started in the basement. I licked his ass and stroked his cock from behind working him into a sexual frenzy...he moaned and raved about how good it felt and said he wanted to try me so i stood up and pulled the robe over my back exposing my ass to him and he squatted down and dove in my ass with an eager tongue...

It felt so good and so nice to have this done since it had been awhile for me; usually it's me that only eats ass it was nice for a change and so nice it was. He fingered my hole and I could tell he was working my ass open so he could fuck me like I was hoping he would and after five minutes of him licking my butthole and him stroking my cock from behind he stood up and asked me if I'm ready and he didn't wait for a reply and worked his cock into me from behind.

Slowly working it in and out he whispered into my ear and xnxxv sunny leone video I turned my face to him and our tongues met and we were both just so horned up and enjoying this out of the blue bisexual meeting in such an odd place.

The washing machine was banging from his thrusts against me and I said wait a second and arranged some towels and a blanket on the floor and laid on my back with my legs in the air and he went got his cock back into me quickly and fucked me until I could feel him cum in my as his breathing intensified...moaning loudly as he spewed his load into my crack. I was jacking off and he watched as I came all over my hand and belly and he laid on top of me and we kissed as our cocks real forced anal against her will were sticky and touched each other.

I asked him if he had any stops close by because I really wanted to do this again and he said he would make a point of it especailly after I went down again on his cock after it had been in my ass getting him hard and made him come a little more.

He got his clothed on and finished the job while I showered and jerked off another load thinking about what we were doing. I couldn't wait to see him again.