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hi im brad.

it was a summer time in 2009. at that time i was aged 19. it was my cousins marriage. and i invited my friend charlie. charlie was very tough guy with 511 . we were at other city from our house.

one day before marriage me and charlie were tired of working for marriage. so after a xxx dinner i told my brother that im very tired and he let me go to the flat that they have arranged for guest on rent and told me to get asleep .

so i headed to the flat and opens the door i saw no one was there . i decided to get bath for relax my body. while i was in the bathroom i heard the sound of opening of door and i asked whos there?
im charlie he replied . i said ok.

i finished my bath and got ready to sleep.

now i tell u about my self , i was 510 and i have little crush on charlie from beginning . and i dont like my pubes so i regularly remove my pubes with cream.

i was in room . that room has only one window and there was no room with ac . there was two bedshit in that room . so charlie decided to sleep in that room. we had some talk and after some time i said i m feeling sleepy, charlie.. so he tuened off the lights..

after some time i was getting horny. and i said charlie it is very hot in this room.

so he told me to took off my clothes and sleep . i asked him are u serious? i m just joking he replied.

but i told him it is very good idea to make him feel horny . i didnt know that what was i feeling for him he was also feeling for me that.

so i took off porn videos download my clothes and i was just in my knicker. many times charlie told me that you have a bubble butt. i was wearing white knicker with red stripe and was acting to get sleep.